Tatiana Bush handles a variety of litigation matters, including premises liability, public entity defense and general insurance defense. While that is not unusual, Tatiana is. One of the main reasons Tatiana wanted to be a part of the Bordin Semmer Firm is their clear and focused dedication to achieving the client’s desired results. Tatiana’s desire and proven ability to build a substantive connection with her clients fits perfectly with the Firm’s ideologies and has allowed her to earn the respect of clients, opposing counsel and even anxious witnesses.

Her dedication and involvement in ensuring client’s desired results remain center focus began while in school and have continued to augment. Tatiana’s understated ability to relate to parties at all levels was first publicly demonstrated in the role she played in the UC Davis “Pepper Spray Incident” whereby she was able to unite student protestors and law enforcement in open. She was later integral in talks between law enforcement, the university, the city, and students resulting in prevention of prevention of further violence via the Reynoso Task Force.

Tatiana’s dedication to the work continued through Law School wherein she was selected as the UC Select Scholar, recipient of the MLK Scholarship, and one of nine selected to provide legal assistance as a member of UC Davis’ Family Protection and Legal Aid Clinic. Since then, Tatiana has worked as a defense attorney for individuals, businesses, and municipalities citing success for her clients following oral arguments and dispositive motions.

A diverse background allows Tatiana to hear and see things with an open perspective. Tatiana has spent much time traveling and living outside of her home of Southern California. Prior to obtaining her Juris Doctorate from UC Davis Law School, Tatiana was a Plaintiff-side paralegal at a boutique firm in Atlanta, Georgia focusing on workers’ compensation, personal injury, and civil rights. This experience only deepens her understanding of the law and it’s intricacies.

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