Our Passion is Outcome-Focused Litigation

The attorneys at Bordin Semmer LLP practice with one primary goal in mind – the best result for our clients. 

Our strategy is outcome-focused litigation.  It begins with identification of the best possible outcome for each unique case at its outset. We next determine our client’s preferences with respect to representation and communication. Whether representing an individual or a small company that wants us by their side every step of the way, or a Fortune 100 company that prefers monthly status updates, we tailor our handling accordingly.  We find that this philosophy drives our ability to achieve the most important goals – our clients’ peace-of-mind and confidence that we will achieve their objectives. 

Our Advantage

The attorneys at Bordin Semmer LLP understand what it takes to consistently succeed in litigation – the experience and ability to take cases to trial. Although our goal is to resolve our clients’ cases as efficiently and effectively as possible, our drive and trial capabilities create results, including favorable settlements that otherwise would not be feasible. Our success and reputation as trial attorneys is our competitive advantage. We believe that when everything is on the line, our experience as trial attorneys matters. 

Our Standard

The attorneys at Bordin Semmer LLP understand that the most frequent misgiving clients have about their attorneys is a lack of responsiveness. For that reason, we are committed to providing prompt responses to client inquiries regarding the status of their cases, to making ourselves available at all times, and to taking the steps necessary to ensure solidarity between our handling of each case and our clients’ preferences. 

Our Story

Having both grown up in the San Diego area, Joshua Bordin-Wosk and Matthew Semmer were childhood friends before becoming attorneys. Having known each other for 30+ years and after more than a decade of practicing law, both established litigators recognized that their legal practices complimented one another’s. While their experience overlaps in many ways, the partners have handled different cases and represented clients in different industries.  Their experience also led both partners to recognize a gap in the legal services industry – a law firm that is dedicated to providing focused, attentive, dynamic and flexible representation designed to meet the client’s goal(s). With their respective backgrounds and shared ambition regarding outcome centric representation, the partners founded Bordin Semmer LLP.

Our Team

Joshua Bordin-Wosk from Bordin | Semmer

Joshua Bordin-Wosk

Founding Partner

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Matthew Semmer from Bordin | Semmer

Matthew Semmer

Founding Partner

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Bryan Aghakhani from Bordin | Semmer

Bryan Aghakhani

Benjamin A. Sampson from Bordin | Semmer

Benjamin A. Sampson

Justin Spearman from Bordin | Semmer

Justin Spearman

Bryan Swaim from Bordin | Semmer

Bryan Swaim

Erika Stecker from Bordin | Semmer

Erika Stecker

Andrei Serpik from Bordin | Semmer

Andrei Serpik

Corey Argumosa from Bordin | Semmer

Corey Argumosa

Christopher Blanchard from Bordin | Semmer

Christopher Blanchard

Mark Derflinger from Bordin | Semmer

Mark Derflinger

Kayla Dillard from Bordin | Semmer

Kayla Dillard

Julia Norman from Bordin | Semmer

Julia Norman

Sophia Arim from Bordin | Semmer

Sophia Arim

Shalina Pannu from Bordin | Semmer

Shalina Pannu

Niloofar Farzaneh from Bordin | Semmer

Niloofar Farzaneh

Matthew Downen from Bordin | Semmer

Matthew Downen

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Seaf Hartley

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