Erika Stecker is an accomplished individual with a diverse background in law, communications, and military service. Ms. Stecker holds a Juris Doctorate from American University Washington College of Law, where she was a staff writer on the Administrative Law Review, a Student Attorney at the American University Civil Advocacy Clinic, and an intern at the Office of Special Counsel. Ms. Stecker’s educational background also includes a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Gender Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. Ms. Stecker’s legal acumen is complemented by her service as a United States Air Force Broadcast Journalist, where she gained extensive experience in international settings and managed large-volume workloads with tight deadlines.

Ms. Stecker’s practice includes representation of public entities, school districts, and private clients involved in complex litigation including personal injury, wrongful death, and criminal matters. Ms. Stecker leverages her strong communication skills and broadcasting background to be an effective and aggressive litigator to obtain favorable results for her clients.

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