Christopher Blanchard represents individuals and businesses in matters pertaining to catastrophic injury litigation, business disputes, and labor and employment litigation. Mr. Blanchard has extensive experience both at the trial court and appellate court levels, including in both state and federal courts.

Mr. Blanchard is an experienced attorney that takes a strategic but aggressive approach in representing his clients’ interests. Mr. Blanchard focuses on obtaining the most favorable result at the earliest stage. Mr. Blanchard is regularly consulted by other trial counsel on matters of strategy and procedure in order to obtain the best results for clients. Mr. Blanchard is a proficient law and motion writer who crafts detailed and persuasive motions and appellate briefs. Some of Mr. Blanchard’s more recent successes include:

  • Obtaining summary judgment on behalf of a public entity defendant in a wrongful death case, and then preserving that judgment on appeal as appellate counsel;
  • Successfully obtaining dismissal and awards of attorneys’ fees in multiple cases by way of Anti-SLAPP motion;
  • Successfully obtaining summary judgment on behalf of clients in a trucking case involving multi-million dollar wrongful death claims;
  • Obtaining summary judgment on behalf of a public school district and then again preserving that judgment on appeal as appellate counsel;
  • Extricating a client from mandatory arbitration in an employment lawsuit and then preserving the outcome in the Court of Appeal on an issue of first impression.

Mr. Blanchard earned his law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School, graduating magna cum laude and serving as a managing editor of the Minnesota Law Review. Mr. Blanchard also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Film School at Florida State University. Mr. Blanchard is a member of the California Bar and the U.S. District Courts for the Central, Eastern, and Northern Districts of California.

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